b'Spring 2020Volume 1 | Edition 6The Spring/Summer 2020 edition of the SCWI newsletter is unique. It looks back to an academic year of ongoing innovation, activities, forums and programs that clearly show the ongoing opportunities for students to excel in the wide range of dual credit programs. It looks forward to the remarkable responses of educators and instructors in those same schools and colleges to shift programming online, retool and re-imagine how their students could continue to thrive once the pandemic struck. Professionals rose to many challenges and worked closely with Ministry officials to secure the best possible outcomes for students from every level of need and opportunity. One of the clearest evidences of this creativity and adaptability was the Symposium Executives ability to transform the annual Symposium into an on-line experience! The courage, creativity and dedication of all are documented within. Please note that all programs listed within will be subject to change, delay or modification depending on the rulings of our government, the Ministry and the direction of the Medical Officer of Health.Within this issue, you will find:Innovations, challenges and opportunities from RPTsThe collaborative and responsive work of the Ministry to support students and educators through the shut-downThe amazing story of how our symposium morphed in 2 short months from an annual gathering at Humber College to a digital online opportunity!Testimonials from students and teachers alike about their experiences in dual credit programsSummary data that drives SMART Goals, decision-making and success across the province.The ongoing success of motivated female students in non-traditional roles in all areas of endeavor and opportunityOngoing and new opportunities for youngand adult learners to learn and apply skillsin technology and tradesAll programs here are subject to school board and college re-openings as determined by the province and the medical office of health.'