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Introduction to the EDCS Website

The EDCS website https://edcs.tcu.gov.on.ca/Main/ is used by Regional Planning Teams to propose and report on the School College Work Initiative.

The RPTs use EDCS website to propose programs, request contract changes, report on finances and dual credit student data, activity and forum participation throughout the year and to submit their interim and final reports. Please contact your RPT Chair for information on logins.

Please direct any questions to:
Alisha Bhanji ( Alisha.Bhanji@ontario.ca )

2021-22 EDCS Training Materials

Summer Institute 2021

Summer Institute 2021 included both Enhanced Data Collection System (EDCS) training for those new to the initiative and those with experience in using EDCS. In the Experienced Users session, the focus was on answering questions using available data and on running extracts in EDCS. Materials shared during these August 31, 2021 sessions are available for download.

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EDCS Contract Change and Approval Process 2019-2020

The SCWI Contract Change Approval Process must be completed on the EDCS website and signed off by the RPT chair for the purpose of requesting any in-year changes to the RPT's approved budget.

The signing authorities for contract changes are the same signing authorities for the approved SCWI Budget.

RPT funds may not be moved across the categories except in the case of RPT or activities/forum funding being moved to dual credit programs. Funds may not be transferred from one year to the next.

For more information refer to "Contract Changes for 2019-20" and the Adobe Connect webinar.

Please direct any questions to David Armstrong (519-524-1156) davidarmstrong@ontariodirectors.ca.

Updated June 2020.

EDCS Contract Change and Approval Process 2021-22

Resources on submitting 2021-22 contract change requests and the approval process include the April 2021 memo, a PowerPoint presentation and a link to the April 2021 webinar recording. Contract change cycle dates can be found in the memo.

New April 2021

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SCWI Financial Reporting

Financial reporting must be completed in EDCS and signed-off by RPT Chairs. These resources focus on:
- SCWI Financial Reporting Requirements Planning
- Supports and Resources
- How to enter financial data in EDCS

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EDCS Request for SCWI Proposals

The SCWI Request for Proposals includes online applications for Regional Planning Teams, Dual Credit programs, activities and forums.

Funding benchmarks will be used for activities and Dual Credit Teacher/Faculty forums.

Annotated funding benchmarks are provided for Dual Credit programs. All SCWI proposals require the approval of the Regional Planning Team.

For more information refer to SCWI Requirements via the link below.

Interim and Final Reporting in EDCS

This interim and final reporting process provides an up-to-date report on the status of each school board, college and regional planning team's expenditures and student participation compared to the RPT's approved funding contract. To obtain more information regarding specific reporting items on each report (listed below), refer to the SCWI Reporting, Approval and Monitoring Process Report on the SCWI website at ( http://www.scwi.ca/tools.php# ).

Reporting timelines, a guide on reporting, Q’s and A’s and webinars on completing the interim and final reports are available below.

Please direct any questions to:
Alisha Bhanji ( Alisha.Bhanji@ontario.ca )

Updated June 2022

2017-18 EDCS Enhancements

A number of enhancements have been made to EDCS including calculations for success and retention in dual credits. Also, RPTs will now be able to select multiple SHSM sectors in programs for SHSM students. A webinar highlighting these enhancements is available along with the accompanying Power Point Presentation.